A sustainable & tasty solution

Water filtration is the best choice for effortless, delicious water as the system attaches directly to your existing water line and doesn’t use bottles.

Water is essential to life and every brewed beverage. Ensuring your break room offers delicious water on-demand, hot and cold, is a huge employee and customer benefit. It helps everyone stay hydrated and can increase the enjoyment of your existing office coffee service offerings. We offer multiple units to make water filtration service in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW easy and convenient.

Water filtration service in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW
Dallas Fort Worth; DFW water filtration services
Counter models

Place a water filtration system next to a coffee machine or other beverage unit right on the break room counter.

Floor models

Save counter space or replace an old-fashioned water cooler with a bottle-less floor-standing filtration system.

Single stop

Water filtration is an additional service we offer customers to be a complete one stop shop in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW.

Dual tap option

Water filtration units heat or cool the filtered water so it’s ready on-demand from the hot/cold taps on the unit.

Delicious water

Water can taste great when run through the correct filters which are included in our water filtration systems.

Coffee service perk

Filtered water compliments office coffee service by making current tea and coffee offerings taste even better.

Water cooler benefits without the hassle

Give employees a reason to gather and collaborate with a bottle-less water cooler. The water filtration system inside sends water through filters that eliminate impurities and enhance taste, delivering exceptional water at the push of a tap without the hassle of large plastic bottles.

Offer hydration and gain happier, more productive employees
Tasty water is a beverage that supports corporate wellness
Hands off solution – we handle install and maintenance
Enhance your company culture with fresh, clean water

Make your office more sustainable with water filtration service from the DFW experts – SPG Vending Solutions at (817) 608.0804 or info@spg-companies.com.