The full service vending machine and break room experts in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW

Experienced service

We opened our doors in 1992 and have been providing reliable vending machines and coffee service ever since.

A partner in wellness

Our goal is to help inspire a corporate culture of health and wellness with delicious, yet nutritious products.

Custom break room

From wrapping vending machines in graphics to designing break room refreshment layouts, each solution is unique.

Cashless acceptance

Requiring cash is a thing of the past, so we have updated all equipment to accept credit/debit cards and mobile payments.

Promotion programs

We donate gift cards to customers monthly, quarterly, or annually so their employees can enjoy free items.

Privately owned

SPG Vending Solutions is the largest, privately owned vending company in the Dallas Fort Worth; DFW area.

Ask for custom wrapping

As a special perk to our customers, we will surround vending machines in personalized graphics for no additional charge.


One of our favorite services is providing custom vending equipment. Our in-house wrapping facility can take your colors, logo, decor design, or anything else and make a wrapping for the bank of vending machines at your location. It’s a great way to transform the space and it doesn’t cost any extra.

Professional break room experts at your service

If you imagine the combination of personalized service and the latest technology, that is SPG Vending Solutions. We are the largest privately owned vending company in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW, with highly trained employees and an eye for service enhancing equipment.

Customers love our modern, reliable vending machines that accept all forms of payment, including credit and debit cards as well as mobile payments. They adore the open concept micro-markets with the touchscreen self-checkout kiosks that enhance any break room. Most importantly, they value our integrity — using connected equipment we can assure 100% accountability with real-time reporting.

If your Dallas Fort Worth; DFW break room needs service, than you need SPG Vending Solutions at (817) 608.0804 or