Dallas Fort Worth; DFW micro-markets

Personalized break spaces

Each micro-market is custom designed for the space available and unique needs of your employees.

Self-serve kiosk in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW

Products tailored to you

Using data, we fine-tune the micro-market to incorporate more of what your employees prefer, plus new products.

Micro-markets in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW

Multiple payment options

Avoid lines at the self-checkout kiosk and instead use our mobile app to pay for products using your phone.


Open, self-checkout concept

The innovative self-checkout kiosk allows employees to shop the break room any time of day maximizing its benefit.


All over Dallas Fort Worth; DFW, businesses are opting for micro-markets. The customized design, attractive fixtures, eye-catching coolers, and self-checkout kiosk all come together to offer a small store right in the break room. Employees now have hundreds of options to choose from, including healthy choices. The best part is how much micro-markets can do to improve corporate culture without any cost outlay by the location.

Micro-markets provide on-site convenience that is hard to beat.

Fast and easy checkout

Use the kiosk or your mobile phone to scan and pay for one of the hundreds of options available in the micro-market.

Real-time inventory

Sales data from the kiosk is sent to the cloud so we always have instant access to reports and restocking needs.

Contemporary racks and coolers

Micro-markets include contemporary open racks and well-lit coolers that draw employees to the space.

Surveillance cameras

To dissuade theft or tampering, we place cameras that monitor the micro-market around the clock.

Opt for a better break room solution with a micro-market from SPG Vending Solutions at (817) 608.0804 or info@spg-companies.com.