Food vending machines in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW

Food is locally made with high-quality ingredients to ensure it’s fresh and delicious.

  • Commissary is an FDA-approved facility
  • Local production means fresh ingredients
  • Quality meats, cheese, breads, and more.
  • Vending machines regularly restocked
  • Frequent fresh food deliveries to the micro-market

Make employees happy

Satisfy employee hunger with convenient, freshly made food.

Dallas Fort Worth; DFW vending machines with food
Dallas Fort Worth; DFW food vending machines

Food vending machines, micro-markets, or pantry service can be a delicious employee perk.

  • Quality food at a great price
  • Eliminates the need to go off site
  • Subsidizing food increases the benefit
  • Upgrade to pantry service, offering all food free
  • Great choice to drive up employee retention

Keep employees satisfied

Enrich your employee benefit program with quality food in the break room.

Food options in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW
Food vending options in Dallas Fort Worth; DFW

Provide a variety of custom food selections in the vending machine or micro-market at your workplace.

  • Menu customized to meet your needs
  • New items regularly rotated in
  • Request a unique item or recipe
  • Includes healthy and nutritious foods
  • From entrees to sandwiches and everything between

Enrich the company culture

Ensure there is a food choice for everyone with our vast variety.

Dallas Fort Worth; DFW food vending options

Fresh food in micro-markets and pantry service ensures employees aren’t distracted by hunger or waste time off site.

  • Gain a positive sense of moral
  • Place a food-centric micro-market
  • Cover costs using pantry service
  • Create the ultimate break room
  • Protect employee time and money

Ensure work-life balance

Provide delicious food onsite so employees don’t have to leave for breaks.

Food of all types conveniently offered in your break room

Transform your break area into a workplace cafe with delicious food vending machines from SPG Foods at (817) 608.0804 or