Technology enhanced vending solutions serving Dallas Fort Worth, DFW

Convenience delivered

Innovative technologies help SPG Vending Solutions provide more efficient and on-demand services when and where you need them.

Options for easy and secure payments via any mobile wallet.
Smart vending and kiosks with real-time sales and status info.
Optimized scheduling to reduce emissions along with better service.
LED lights and better equipment to elevate the experience.

Mobile-enabled vending

Check out the vending app that enables convenient m-payments at your Dallas Fort Worth, DFW, location.

Ask for custom wrapping

Free, fully personalized graphics and signage for your vending equipment and break area.


Our investment in our customers goes deep. We partner with locations throughout Dallas Fort Worth, DFW, to provide the type of refreshment solution they need. That includes utilizing our in-house wrapping station to enrich the vending machine with custom graphics and messages. This is a huge benefit to our customers and one we offer free of charge.

In-app payments

Impress employees and guests with the ability to pay electronically using a variety of mobile wallets.

Energy savings

Be a positive change for the Earth with equipment tested and certified to be labeled Energy Star by the EPA.

Product-level info

See data on the per-product level with new technology that produces reports and unprecedented transparency.

Inventory prep

Ensure your Dallas Fort Worth, DFW, is always stocked thanks to highly accurate pre-kitting systems in our warehouse.

No lost money

Eliminate the need for refunds thanks to built-in guaranteed product delivery that trigger a refund if a product gets stuck.

Sustainability focus

Support green initiatives with our recycling program and commitment to reducing vehicle emissions.

Partner with a vending service provider willing to invest in better technology — SPG Vending Solutions at (817) 608.0804;