vending machines and office coffee service in Mid-CitiesVending Machine Services for the Mid-Cities

SPG Vending Solutions offers a wide range of vending machine services to best cater to the Mid-Cities area. Not only do we offer all the popular categories of vending machines, such as beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, and cold food vending machines, but they include the latest in convenience features. For instance, our vending machines are available with cashless payment, so no more fumbling for an unwrinkled dollar or two before you can get what you want. Just swipe a card and enjoy. When it comes to the selection, the customer is truly king. Tell us what you want in your vending machines and we’ll provide it. If we don’t have it, we’ll make every attempt to get it.

Quality Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for the Mid-Cities

SPG Vending Solutions provides the brewers, coffee and supporting services to give your Mid-Cities office the highest quality hot beverages right on site. Our brewing machines range from small volume single-cup brewers to those that brew much larger quantities in pots. We will set up your coffee machines and return regularly to make sure the service is living up to expectations. During these visits, we’re also replenish other break room needs, like stir sticks, cups, plates, creamers, sweeteners and more? Just let us know. We will happily manage all your break room needs.
SPG also offers solutions to improve your water quality at your Mid-Cities office. Our water filtration systems come in either counter-top or floor standing units, connecting directly to your water supply to remove impurities from your water. Once installed, you’ll have better tasting water right from the tap. Just turn the faucet for great tasting hot or cold water.

vending service and micro-markets in Mid-CitiesThe Mid-Cities Micro-Market Connection

SPG Vending Solutions offers the ultimate in vending for any office in the Mid-Cities area. Using attractive coolers, racks and displays, we’ll build a small convenience store right in your break room. We have solutions to fit any available space. And once installed, they can offer hundreds of snacks, foods and beverages. Integrated self-checkout kiosks allow employees to take care of the transactions themselves. Combined with an integrated security system, the stores can remain open all day, every day – meaning every employee regardless of when they work can enjoy the service.

We’re ready to work with you to provide a catered vending solution. Call SPG Vending Solutions at 817-608-0804 or e-mail