vending machines and water filtration service in IrvingServing Irving with the Best Vending Machines

From snack vending machines, to coffee vending machines to machines that vend Coca-Cola, Pepsi or a wide variety of other items, SPG Vending Solutions is ready to cater to all Irving businesses. Our vending machines offer the latest in vending technologies, such as the ability to pay with credit cards, and wireless inventory monitoring, letting us know what needs restocking before visiting your location. Furthermore, this is a great way to determine what people like in your vending machines, and what they don’t like, and adjusting the inventory accordingly. Beyond the vending equipment themselves, we can fill them with your choice of hundreds of items. Even if we don’t currently stock what you want, all you need to do is tell us. We’re happy to cater to special requests.

Irving’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Source

Coffee – every Irving office needs it – and SPG Vending Solutions is ready to provide it. We have a wide variety of brewing machines, ranging from traditional, by the pot brewers to those that brew by the cup. No matter the size of your operation, we have the coffee equipment to match. Also, our selection of coffees and teas includes all the most popular brands and flavors. Brewers are installed for free, and we’ll regularly check on them while restocking your coffee/teas supply. If you prefer, we’ll also bring other break room essentials, such as stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners, cups, plates, napkins and much more.
Rather than getting water delivered to your Irving office, why not have SPG Vending Solutions provide you with a water filtration service? We offer filters that connect right to your water supply and remove impurities before reaching the tap. Now you can have better tasting water, hot or cold, by simply turning a faucet.

office coffee and micro markets in IrvingMicro-Markets in Irving

SPG Vending Solutions installs Micro-Markets in Irving. What’s a Micro-Market? Rather than using vending machines, a Micro-Market is an open floor plan of racks, coolers and displays arranged to basically create a small convenience store right in your Irving office. Then we fill the store with hundreds of items, including those things you don’t expect in vending machines, like gourmet salads, fresh fruits and protein-packed dairy items. Who runs the store? It runs itself with self-checkout kiosks. Customers can pick and choose what they want and handle the transaction themselves. And an integrated security system helps ensure the potential for theft is always kept to a minimum. That’s why Micro-Markets can stay open every day, all day, catering to all employee needs.

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