vending machines and water filtration service in GrapevineGrapevine’s Full-Service Vending Machine Provider

SPG Vending Solutions has all the vending machines a Grapevine office or facility you could want. We have a wide range of state-of-the-art vending machine types, including snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, food vending machines and beverage vending machines. Do some in your office prefer Coke whereas others want Pepsi products? Refuse to choose – we offer both types of vending machines. Regardless of the vending machine type, we are willing to cater the selection to your preferences. Also, all our vending machines feature the latest in convenience features, such as guaranteed product delivery. This uses infrared beams to determine if a purchased product has been delivered. If not, the vending machine will provide an automatic refund immediately.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Systems Ready for Grapevine

Give your Grapevine employees the extra boost they need with an office coffee service from SPG Vending Solutions. We provide state-of-the-art brewing equipment, from the latest in single-cup brewers to those that brew by the pot. We offer the most popular brands and flavors of both coffee and tea. We also will resupply your Grapevine break room. Why shop for the stir sticks, cups, napkins, filters and other break room needs when we’ll do it for you, and stock your shelves to boot?
We’re also a supplier of water filtration devices. Available in counter-top and floor standing models, we have a water filter to fit any space. These water filtration units hook up to your water supply, ensuring you have better tasting water from the tap, whether you want it hot or cold.

office coffee and micro markets in GrapevineMicro-Markets Ready for Grapevine Offices

You heard it through Grapevine right – SPG Vending Solutions is installing Micro-Markets right here. This is basically a mini convenience store installed right in your office, filled with hundreds of unique items of your choosing. Rather than vending machines, the store is made up of attractive racks, coolers and displays. The open markets also include integrated self-checkout kiosks, so the customers can handle the transactions themselves. Because the store basically runs itself, it can remain open every day – all day. This is a great benefit for those employees working unusual hours, and an extra incentive for those thinking about putting in a few extra hours.

We aim to deliver the highest range of vending excellence. See for yourself by calling SPG Vending Solutions today at 817-608-0804 or e-mailing