vending machines and water filtration service in Collin CountyCollin County Gets Its Vending Machines Here

Want a snack vending machine, food vending machines, or Coke/Pepsi vending machine installed in your Collin County office? Just call SPG Vending Solutions. We have the state-of-the-art machines featuring the latest in convenience features, such as guaranteed product delivery, remote inventory monitoring and cashless payment. And, as importantly, we have the wide range of products to fill your machines. Even if we don’t have what Collin County employees want, we can cater to your whims. Just ask, and we’ll make every effort to add a product to your selection. We’re also willing to office unique vending agreements. Ask about our morale boosting vending programs, such as subsidized and free vending.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Ready for Collin County

SPG Vending Solutions delivers office coffee and water filtration solutions for any Collin County operation. Our brewing machines ranges from traditional by-the-pot brewers to flexible single-cup options. Just tell us a bit about your coffee needs and we’ll help you select the brewer for the job. We have a huge selection of brands, types and flavors of today’s most popular coffee and tea options. Beyond keeping your coffee brewers running and coffee supply full, we’ll also monitor and replenish any break room needs, such as stir sticks, cups, plates, creamers, sweeteners and any other staple you can think of.

We also offer water filtration services to cater to locations with poor tap water quality. Rather than dealing with separate water bubblers and 5-gallon water jugs, our filters hook to your water supply and take care of the problem at the source. After installation, getting better tasting hot or cold water is as simple as turning a faucet.

office coffee and micro markets in Collin CountyThe Micro-Market Experience is Available in Collin County

SPG Vending Solutions is able to provide a very unique vending service to Collin County businesses – the Micro-Market. Think of it as a convenience store, but built right into your break room. Rather than using vending machines, a Micro-Market is an open floor plan of racks, coolers and displays arranged to best fit your available space and offer the products of your choosing. Not only is traditional vending fare available, but also less common items like fresh gourmet salads, protein-packed dairy items and fruits/vegetables. Who runs the store? It runs itself with self-checkout kiosks. Customers can pick and choose what they want and handle the transaction themselves. Since there’s no one needed to watch the store, it can remain open whenever anyone needs it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call SPG Vending Solutions at 817-608-0804 or e-mail for more information. You’ll like what we can do for you.