Enjoy delicious and nutritious variety

From reduced fat to all natural ingredients, we carry dozens of products that fit a healthier lifestyle.

Support healthy

Make eating healthy refreshments convenient, as well as refreshing, with quality products.

Happier employees

Get a better work environment when employees are satisfied and full of nutritious options.

Plenty of variety

The list of tasty, yet healthy, foods, snacks, and drinks in our warehouse is growing rapidly.

Easy to find

Thanks to the healthy heart label, the snacks that meet nutrition guidelines are easy to spot.


Healthy products across services — vending machines, micro-markets, pantry service

No matter the type of service you want or need, we can provide healthy options. From baked chips to protein packed, gluten free snacks to sparkling water, we carry the latest must-have healthy options. Your healthier and happier Dallas Fort Worth; DFW workers will thank you.

Partner with a company dedicated to providing healthy options — SPG Vending Solutions at (817) 608.0804 or info@spg-companies.com.